Wal-Mart Facial Recognition Every Rapist Criminal’s Dream

Someone shared this bit of info… Buy a product on your ebt card at your local wal-mart and magically that item is now advertised on your social media.

So, when wal-mart facial recognizes you, they have your social media, government ebt info, therefore the ppl working at wal-mart know-can make an educated guess-how much money you make going by your choice of purchase, your social media stats, your friends list, your address..

Think how easy it would be for a sex predator to see you, your spouse, your kids, look you up, find your address, get a hardon and head over to your house or your childrens school.

Do you want wal-mart employees having this info on you because you walked in the door and their camera face zapped you?

Maybe you don’t go to wal-mart but someone you know does, and Jared from Subway saw your girl on your friends social media…


Now, I don’t buy this story because the guy is 81 and the number is 200,000 and that is close enough to 2018 and I been telling yous about this media tarot narrative for some time now. But if it were true I wouldn’t be surprised either, would you?

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