The Conners is Weaponized Propaganda

The Cast of “The Conners” are of the most sub-human VILE fake Jews living today. People claiming to be Jews acting in a canned laughter sit-com about goyium gentiles non-jews poor White Americans, named CONNERS / GAMERS / CON ARTISTS, with ABC Disney $$ & PRopaganda PROP PRO PAGAN AND A

Not just any White Americans! Faggots. Dykes. Morbidly Obese. Divorced. Lying. Cheating. Ignorant. Mean. Unkind. Combative. Gambling. Alcoholic. Sport Watching. Drug Using. Cunty Wimpy Male Leads. Overbearing Obnoxious Women. Stupidity Prevails. And now since Roseanne is gone they’ve added the most RACIST PROP GIMMICK OF ALL TIME A TOKEN NEGRO

Hopefully the politically slanted vulgar depressive cynical humor chokes on its own vomit and becomes a reality wincest snuff porn before being cancelled because Donald Trump is evil.

Unfortunately Black America will notice the token and curse whitey because they do not see this is an attack on whites, just as most seemingly white media is actually fake jews pretending to be White Americans. And the fake jews run the TV studios and create all this racist shit. But, jews even fake jews are all victims because hitler and are not responsible for anything they do.

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