U.S. Politicians, including Trump, Weaponize Immigrant Caravan Timed for Elections

For the record . . This caravan is politically funded by politicians wanting to influence congress at the U.S. mid-term elections. This is the most vile of behaviors; using human beings as weapons. Using human beings that have nothing to do with politics, just in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time, like disposable pawns in a chess game for power that has no care for the future of nations, peoples or humanity. Only imidate power grabs are the goals of those forcing this hand.

This caravan was constructed and sent with press coverage in a great enough time span for as many people to become aware of it as possible, before it reaches the U.S. border just before the mid-term elections.

The fact it hasn’t been stopped shows how horrible all sides involved are.

The location of the crossing has not been disclosed.

The fact this caravan exists and has not been stopped shows how ALL POLITICAL PARTIES INVOLVED are garbage using this for leverage.

These immigrants are unarmed third world civilians being weaponized by politicians. They have been lied to and do not know what they are walking into.

Also, if you are coming to America, you wave an American Flag. If you are coming to a country like this, uninvited, unwelcome, waving someone elses flag, you are an invasion force. Even if you are seemingly unarmed.

Whatever happens when this caravan reaches the U.S. and whatever history records…… Who knows.

One thing for sure, this people came a long way and aren’t going to simply disappear when they reach the border.

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