Alice in Chains is Weaponized Music Against You

I liked them, too. I bought their cd’s. Listening to them made me feel good. They’re smart. Substance and style.

Then time goes by

The band carries on without Layne Staley, why?


The media told us Layne Staley died of drug abuse. Whoever Layne Staley really is, whatever his birth name is, son of John Podesta, went on to another band called Linkin Park as Chester Benningham or has a nazi twin brother clone idgaf. If I explained the numbers on how exactly the music is a weapon, it wouldn’t matter because if you don’t already know you can sort through the lies and find out yourself.

Deception is deception is deception. Ultimate truth no one person has it and I not debating the essence of the universe in hopes to form a patch over the fact I am writing this without a signed video taped noterized by the pope’s testicles blood oath on the third day after Easter and the full moon to show, which no one would acknowledge or believe anyway, that I have the facts, experience, vision to see.

Doesn’t he look happy

Color coded luciferian MK-Ulterior motif LIES sick of it

Alice in Chains has to exist right. It is a brand name. A business. Part of the war death rape machine CLINTONS figure it out ppl

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