Google Explains Why We Need Men

Having men is a choice, according to Google. Asking the question, eliminates you from adult consideration. Why do we need men? We? Women? Women think they don’t need men? Gay men? Why men? Why do we need women?-possibly the more relevant question, as men are building sex robots.

Life is about doing whatever you want at the expense of all else. Don’t let anyone stop you. Lie, steal, kill, manipulate, rape, deceive, bully, destroy, build anything you need, this experience is all about you. You are the center of everything. Your parents gave birth to you and now they do what you want or fuck off and die. Police and 911 exist to fight your bigger battles. Kindness is weakness and deception.

Why do we need men? Why do we, we? Why do we need Jews? Black people? White people? Old people? Poor people? Retarded people? Ugly people? Weird people? Fat people?

Check the comments #MSK

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