Self Evident Proof USA Police Are Sub-Human Garbage

Queen’s Guard, Mounted Soldiers, the guys in red military guard jackets, black slacks, tall fluffy hats

^^^ these pricks guys. And what are they infamous, notorious for?

No matter what ya do they hold their post. Everything short of an actual threat, that is. See, these guys do this thing that is really uncool in America/USA at any level of society, top to bottom, pre-kindergarten to Satanic Underlord Banker Arms and Human Trafficker Pedophile Necro-Cannibal “Elected” Official Real Estate Baron Mob Boss Drug Lord Pimp Warden G.I. Joe Game Show Host High Priest 0000° O.G. a.s.c. M.D. Ph.D. esq. jr. III gfy President Donald Trump, and that is posses and use a sense of reason and responsibility, accountability for their actions.

Yea, no YOLO here, or fear! Figure that out, swine!

They hold their post. Armed with lethal weapons. Trained to kill like 007 shit, to protect their Queen bullshit. Bullshit but hey, for this level of contrast, the example is solid. Say what you want about the Royals, the guards here do their job and there are next to zero incidents since WORLD WAR 2!!!!!!




it is easy to see where I am going with this, regardless, it needs to be said, one way or the other



Mounted Guard Soldiers Protecting the Queen, and thus the idea of the country, trained to kill AND DON’T and use non-violent means at all costs


and I will use just one example, not the grotesque numbers…

Cop Allegedly Said ‘We Don’t Have Time For This’ Before Shooting Schizophrenic Teen To Death

Schizophrenic 18-year-old Keith Vidal was having an episode on Sunday when his parents called the police for assistance. Instead, an officer shot and killed their son right in front of them.

During Sunday’s incident, Vidal had apparently picked up a small screwdriver — small enough that it couldn’t have caused serious harm, his family says, but enough that they sought law enforcement assistance. Three different police departments’ officers arrived at the scene. The first two were able to restrain Vidal and calm him down, according to Vidal’s father. But then a third entered, and that’s when he says things went sour.

He says the third officer tased Vidal, knocking the 90-pound teenager to the ground. The officer then allegedly stepped forward with a firearm and said, “we don’t have time for this,” before shooting the teen dead.


This is “truth hidden in plain sight” simply because most people, pig vomit, don’t lift their snout from the Capitalist Consumer Troff Abyss EVER, long enough to take a whiff of fresh air and taste the saturation of shit drowning all their senses, and make an observation, have a thought that doesn’t pertain to WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME RIGHT NOW

The police in america are mongrel Orcs, filthy beasts put between the Insane Rich Underlords and everyone else.

This contrast shows the difference between a “sophisticated” society, and the dog shit that is now America. Perhaps always was America, too much BS to sort out; just dealing with right now and the future. Not some bogus history lullabye.

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